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Grace Fellowship was started in 1938 in a railroad car name Chapel Car Grace, but the story begins when the Conaway family, who owned Birch Oil of Orange County, California, agreed to donate twenty thousand dollars for a chapel car in memory of their daughter whose name was Grace. Chapel Car Grace, the last of the great fleet of American chapel cars, was contracted with the Barney & Smith Car Company at a price of $21,150 [the contract was signed September 12, 1914].  That would be the equivalent of $530,026 today.

One of Chapel Car Grace’s first stops was the 1915  World’s Fair was themed Panama-Pacific International Exposition was held in San Francisco . Nearly nineteen million tourists flocked to see the post-earthquake, newly rebuilt San Francisco for this celebration of the completion of the Panama Canal.  Thousands passed through Grace at its location outside the Transportation Building and admired this church building on wheels.   Over the next years a Chapel Car Grace would roll into a new town and a church would be started and a building would be built, then the Chapel Car who roll to a new town.  Churches were started in Riverton, Torrington and in 1938 the first services were held in Buffalo, WY.

The story of Grace Fellowship is best told by one of the early church members….
On January 18, 1938 12 people met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. L Crain with Rev Oliver Reed acting as the moderator of the meeting.  The First Baptist Church of Buffalo was organized.  The charter was kept open for 30 days and in that time the number was increased by other Baptist and baptisms to 27.  For several months’ services were held in the homes of the members and then through the kindness and generosity of the school trustees met in the music Arts Building of the Buffalo Grade School, with Rev Reed and Dr. Crouter filling the pulpit alternately.

In May 18 of that year….our first pastor came….August Blinzinger

Building commenced in 1939 and on Nov. 1, 1939 the first meeting was held in the basement of the church….the church meet in the basement until the upstairs could be completed.  
In 1979 the church separated from the Baptist Denomination – and changed our name to Grace Fellowship.  The church became a completely independently functioning non-denominational Christian church.

Grace Fellowship is honored by our history but with vision look in faith toward an amazing future.