Our Mission:
People Matter
We value people. Each person matters here and will be extended grace, encouragement, and acceptance. A fulfilling life comes through a relationship with Jesus and others.

Spiritual Growth Matters
We are dedicated to teaching that inspires and worship that celebrates seeking to help each person grow in their relationship with Christ.

Serving Matters
We are committed to empower and equip followers of Jesus to be authentic servant- hearted believers in our community and around the world.

What Matters to Us!
Love— We believe in extending grace through caring, loving, and healing relationships is the responsibility of every believer.

Community Church— We believe that people of all backgrounds can find common ground and a sense of belonging here.

Family— We believe that the family has been divinely established and is best 
protected and preserved by keeping Christ first.

Children and Students— We plan, strategize, and build with an eye toward the next generation.

Committed to Missions— We give a portion from all offerings goes to missions.

Prayer— We are dependent on prayer for wisdom and God’s leadership in our lives.

Easy to connect—We want to keep it simple: to grow in faith, to grow in ministry, and to grow with the church.

Discipleship—We provide opportunities to grow spiritually within the context of Christian community, including personal mentoring and small groups.

Pursuit of Excellence—We will do everything with excellence, which is honoring and reflecting of God’s character.

Cultural Diversity—We celebrate the differences in people and in the body of Christ.

Sharing our Faith—We will build bridges to help others find life in Christ.

Giving—We do not pressure or coerce; we encourage from a grateful heart.

Grace Fellowship
Grace Happens Here...